I am goofy, quirky, fun, and unexpected. I am a mother to two amazing and energetic girls and a wife to the most passionate business man I know. Though life can be hectic, we still manage to live it the old fashion way! 

Since the age of five, I had always wanted to work in the field of advertising. I loved watching commercials and collecting print ads to hang all over my walls; so unlike most college freshman, I already knew what I was going to be when I grew up.

I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelors degree in advertising and sprinted out of the gates immersing myself into the industry. I had the opportunity to work at the largest U.S. Hispanic advertising agency for 8 years and worked on many amazing brands as a brand advocate and media planning supervisor. I still love the wonderful word of advertising but I love telling your story through my lens just as much.

On a typical session with me, I might ask you to dip and then bust out in song or take a random video on TikTok capturing your story unscripted. I capture the poses your parents want but primarily focus on the editorial, in-between moments you experience. The laugh in between the “WOW” that shot was AMAZING, or the look over your shoulder because you see a person in the distance. 

Take a look at my work, browse around, and ask questions. I’m here for you..